Astrology Consultation

An astrology consultation includes a detailed sample of your individual birth or natal chart (horoscope) and identification of the major astrological influences in your life. A consultation will provide an analysis of events in your past, present and future and the factors that may influence them. Clarification in regard to business, marriage, health, major life changes, wealth and success may be gained from a birth chart analysis.

Our Other Services:

Astrology reading, palm reading, Vaastu consulting, healing through yoga and meditation, Removing  life obstacles, evil effect, providing a remedy for  difficulties of a relationship, finance, and health -(in person / through email/telephone/postage/distance counselling)

  •   Astrology (analysis of all event of your past, present and future)
  •  Astrological Birth chart (horoscope chart) preparing and interpreting.
  •  Palm reading and exploring of your every events of your life.
  •  Vastu Consulting for home and commercial building ,offices ,Garden to attain prosperity, peace and balance in cosmic energy.
  •  Matching compability for marriage/partnership to achieve long lasting and happier relationship.    Baby naming, matching suitable name of company, business for prosperity.
  •  Finding auspicious time (Muhurta) to start business, job, wedding, ritual works, buying and selling property /vehicles or any new start.
  •  Healing through ancient remedy like singing bowel therapy, yoga, meditation, power healing, mantra chanting.
  •  Providing genuine remedy for obstacles of life, ill-effects of malefic planets, evil effect (prescribing Gem stone, Rudrakshya, Mantra, Yantra, Prayer)
  •  Mantra (sacred Sounds) chanting, arranging prayer and all rituals ceremony
  • Yoga seminar, Workshop, Vedic Talk, Motivational Seminar, Laughter yoga session, Bhagawat Puran& Inspirational Speech
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