Dear Brothers /Sisters,

It is my pleasure to inform of my current charitable activities and to provide you further information relating to this cause. Since 1999, I have been personally supporting a group of orphaned and poor children who reside in Sindupal Chok, Nepal. This is a registered Nepali charity by the name of Shishu Nepal.

Since the inception of this charity, these children have been able to have their basic needs of housing, education and living expense provided for. Currently, there are approximately 20 children as part of this program that comes from a background of poverty, abandonment and death of their parents.

I am currently supporting this program financially on a monthly basis from my personal income. This year for the first time I have had to look externally for community financial support due to the increasing expenses of the children’s education and general day to day living costs.

The money raised will go directly to the children’s trust account through Shishu Nepal to provide clothes, food and education expenses for the year ahead. Our future vision is also to seek the support of benefactors to assist us to construct a building to house the orphanage and educational centre.

We are seeking your support in this endeavour and request your assistance to raise further funds from you, your friends and all our well wishers.

I hope that you are able to consider my request and also look into the possibility of supporting Shishu Nepal.

Yours sincerely,
Acharya Rajan Sharma (Bhimsen Sapkota)
043450379 ,,

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