If you prefer a Hindu wedding, you will have a range of choices to choose a venue (Temple or Hall ). We have a group of Priest they will help you to make your wedding day memorable.

1-hour ceremony,
Structure of a Hindu Wedding Ceremony where a Hindu priest presides
Note: an Australian ceremony requires several things to occur… The celebrant’s monitum, the asking, and the statement of the couple’s marriage vows. Because these do not occur in the Hindu ceremony, it is not recognised in Australia.

  1. The Mandap (4-pole canopy center-stage) is set up
  2.  Arrival of the wedding parties
  3.  Ganesh Puja – Prayer invoking Lord Ganesh
  4. Grah Shanti – Worship of the nine planets
  5. Parchan – The Welcome – The bride’s mother welcomes the groom with a garland and escorts him to the mandap
  6. Arrival of the Bride – The bride is escorted to the mandap by her mama (maternal uncle), female cousins & friends
  7. Kanyadaan – Entrusting of the Daughter – parental consent for the wedding to proceed. The curtain separating bride & groom is lowered & garlands exchanged.
  8. Elders wrap the cotton cord around couple’s shoulders.
  9. Groom takes bride’s hands & they take vows to love, cherish & protect each other.
  10. 15. Ganthibandhan – The groom ties the knot
  11. Agni Puja – Priest sets up the “kund” and evokes the holy fire
  12. Shilarohana – Bride steps on the stone
  13. Laja Homa – Couple place parched rice in the sacred fire
  14. Mangalfera – Walking around the sacred fire four times reciting the 4 mantras: Dharma, Artha, Kama and Moksha
  15. Saptapadi – The seven steps
  16. Saubhagya Chinha – The groom blesses the bride
  17. Haridaya-Sparsha – The couple touch each other’s hearts.
  18. Chathurthi Karma – Bride & groom feed each other four times for nourishment of bone, muscle, skin & soul
  19. Aashirvaad – The priest blesses couple. Flower petals & rice are showered on couple by the guests
  20. Viddai – Bride’s family & friends say their farewell to her.
  21. Pilucinchuanu – Priest places coconut beneath a front wheel of the car & waits for it to break.
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